Financial Services

Transform decision-making in financial services to drive profitable outcomes

Disparate and incomplete information stands between events and actions. Qlik’s versatile data engine breaks down the complexity of disparate data, and delivers analytical insights to those who need it, instantly. Accurate information drives better decisions and profitable outcomes.

Smarter decisions for banking ― optimize risk, understand costs and maximize profit.

Banking is at an inflection -point. Disruptive regulation and fintech innovation are accelerating change. Open banking means that banks need better information about their customers than ever before. Qlik’s data analytics help banks to make more competitive risk decisions, create first class customer experiences and solve a range of use -cases from credit and market risk through to embedded analytics using open API’s.

Open Banking is here. Customer experience is the new battleground

Banks that don't want to lose customers to FinTech rivals have to respond with best--in--class customer experience. Banks and FinTechs need to learn from retailers. Customer-facing employees need to be armed with relevant data to give the customers a personalized experience. Mobile, web and branch channels need to act as one.

From underwriting to solvency ratios. Make better decisions, based on fact.

Without access to accurate data, insurers often make decisions based on gut instinct or intuition ― creating compliance issues and missing opportunities. Using Qlik’s powerful data analysis engine, insurance firms can remove the uncertainty and see needed insights quickly.

Accelerate risk and trading decisions, simplify complex mathematical problems and meet regulatory requirements.

Qlik’s Associative engine has been consuming trading- book data at the world’s largest investment banks for years, helping them to allocate capital effectively, manage complex risk and trading scenarios, and meet the ever- changing requirements of the regulator.


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