Comprehensive solutions for the digital age
Today’s successful business embraces technology. At August Networks, we’re dedicated to delivering seamless solutions with a focus on full integration and global implementation.

Our products bring together all the platforms your business relies on—cloud computing, teleconferencing, and mobility—to provide you with reliable everywhere service, and the capabilities you need to achieve rapid, sustained business growth.

Learn more about our flagship products:
A GPS-based product provided by SteerTrack, AugustNav allows clients to effectively track their inventory, distribution vehicles, and other assets. Users enjoy the benefits of the latest location-based technology, while our affordable monthly rates allow customers to use this software on a monthly, no-contract basis without heavy upfront investments.
Part of the Centrili product suite, AugustUnified allows our clients to consolidate their project components and coordinate with their employees, suppliers, applications, content, and other essential business resources. Through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, AugustUnified users can collaborate with other members or groups within the platform to streamline interactions between vendors, contractors, and customers.