Management Consulting

We don’t simply provide our clients with software and send them on their way—instead, we develop unique approaches for implementing software in our clients’ existing environments. Our IT consultants challenge conventional thoughts and practices, offering unique perspectives and conceiving new solutions.

August Networks offers a scalable delivery model that can be used in virtually any business market, ranging from small business applications to corporate-level platforms.

This delivery model is built on the following key cornerstones:
Business Process Management
With our patented business processes and IT expertise, our team is equipped to handle any task. We work with our clients on an individual level to ensure that their companies are structured for success. Through software applications and one-on-one mentoring, we provide our clients with everything they need to be leaders in their industry.
Change Management
Major infrastructure changes can be challenging and frustrating. We work with our clients to implement new changes, ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible. Our step-by-step protocols help move our clients toward their new platform or solution, while minimizing hassle along the way.
Global Delivery
While solutions may be implemented at the local level, August Networks approaches every new task with a global perspective, maximizing results and making the biggest possible impact on the marketplace. By utilizing project management software, teleconferencing platforms, and our management expertise, our clients can transition seamlessly from small, local business to international operations.
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CIO Advisory services
The experienced consultants at August Networks help CIOs harness the advantages of new technologies that allow you to boost productivity, control costs, and increase ROI on your technology investments. Our CIO advisory services cover IT modernization, information security, agile enterprise, and more.
Program Planning and Mission Alignment
An efficient organization leverages planning strategies that encompass immediate concerns and long-term growth, while aligning a unified vision across the entire organization. Our management consultants work closely with your leadership team to develop and implement cohesive program planning that reinforces your mission and elevates your organizational performance.
Project & Program
Projects & Program Management
Improve business performance and financial outcomes with customized solutions for project and program management. At August, we work with you to understand the needs of your organization, and then develop and deploy project management strategies and program management methodologies that obtain results.
Strategic Planning
How solid are your plans for the future of your organization? Without a strategic plan that incorporates technology as a cornerstone for business growth, your company will stagnate. Leverage the expertise of our consultants to help you develop a strategic plan that identifies your unique objectives and places your business on the path to success.
IT portfolio Management
Optimize the value of technology for your business with our IT portfolio management consulting services. We help CIOs and key leadership personnel analyze and manage the critical IT tasks required to sustain your organization, and develop a portfolio that aligns your technology investments perfectly with your objectives.
Risk Management
With innovative methodologies and solutions that are uniquely suited to your business, our seasoned management consultants help you meet your business objectives, realize strategic opportunities, and effectively manage risk across your organization. We develop risk management strategies through the application of industry best practices, blended with the latest technological advances, to ensure your continued success.
Operational effectiveness
In order to achieve business objectives, you need a cohesive strategy to align resources and capabilities with the demands of the market. We can help you achieve and maintain optimal efficiency through the application of streamlined business processes, development initiatives, and innovative technologies that are customized to the needs of your organization.