Product Development

We offer a wide variety of services and software solutions that improve customer relations and market impact for our clients. Because there’s no way to predict every issue that may arise, we are constantly updating our products to reflect the latest trends and customer expectations. While some of our competitors offer “cookie cutter” solutions with limited capabilities, our unique products are specifically crafted to meet each client’s individual needs.
Our Product Development services include:
  • Go-to Market Strategies
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Release Engineering
  • Product Technical Support
Go to market strategies
How would you rate your company’s go-to-market strategy? If you’re not hitting the right benchmarks when your products enter commercial channels, your revenues will suffer. Our development experts provide you with an integrative go-to-market approach that strengthens alignment across channels, supports cost reduction, and incorporates best-in-class technologies and capabilities to ensure a profitable deployment.
Product roadmap
At August Networks, we’re dedicated to providing the right product features, services, and solutions for your business. Our detailed product roadmaps, including the full software development lifecycle and release targets, arm your sales force with the tools they need to bring major clients on board and ensure the future success of your products.
Product development
The expert developers and engineers at August Networks are experienced with building and deploying a wide range of innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries. From simple and elegant to complex and sophisticated, we build unique products that precisely suit the needs of your organization—with the latest technologies and platform compatibilities to deliver your competitive edge.
Product testing
Product releases can make or break the reputation of your business. That’s why we help you bring your products to market as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our responsive product testing helps you reduce risk, shorten time-to-market, and enhance the value of your product in the marketplace.
Release engineering
At August Networks, our expertise with release engineering architectures and implementations means you’ll always have the after-release support you need. We work with you on every stage of release engineering, from development and maintenance to policy and procedure creation, ensuring that your clients experience your products seamlessly.
Product technical support
Our work doesn’t end with development. We can provide a full range of product technical support services that help to deliver continual satisfaction through effective risk management, reduced downtime, rapid issue resolution, and streamlined contract management. Lower support costs and increase operational efficiency with product technical support from August Networks.