Managed Services

Through our Managed Services Program, August Technologies & Consulting can remotely manage applications, tracking, networking, monitoring, and other daily tasks, so that our clients can focus on what matters most – improving customer relations and services. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that minimize IT hassles while improving profit margins and boosting market impact.
Product development
From small-scale web scripts to full-blown software and apps, our approach to application development blends innovation with cost-efficient scalability to produce unique outsourced solutions. We work closely with your company to develop custom software that matches your vision, with all the features, functionality, and integration you need for successful deployment.
Software testing services
Every software release should be as close to the final, bug-free version as possible. August Networks offers independent, highly responsive software testing services that help to ensure a smooth market release with reduced risk, enhanced product value, and a shortened time-to-market.

Remote infrastructure management
Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business without the budget for an in-house IT team, or an organization of any size looking to reduce the burden on your internal IT staff, our remote infrastructure management services can save your company time and money. We monitor and maintain your infrastructure 24/7, handling your day-to-day IT operations seamlessly—so your team is free to focus on strategic goals and development.
Remote database services
Offload your routine IT tasks and free your staff to focus on your business with remote database services from August Networks. We offer a full range of database administration and support for major database platforms like Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, SQLServer, IBM, and more—including architecture development, management, performance, tuning, and disaster recovery.