Technology Consulting

Technology consulting
Our technology consulting services include:
More than ever, today’s business depends on technology—but with all the options out there, it’s hard to know what you should be working with. Our IT experts will help you map out and implement the optimal systems and platforms for your business, from CRM and Big Data to cloud and mobile technologies.
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Application Development and Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Mobile Technologies
Big data technologies
Big Data is a big deal in today’s competitive market. With more data coming in from more sources than ever, you need a way to keep track of these massive volumes of information, and sort through it all to help you improve your business.

We provide innovative solutions built on the latest technologies that put Big Data to work for you. Our expert consultants will partner with you to build and implement Big Data strategies that maximize performance and efficiency.

Business Intelligence
What are you doing with your customer data? With the right Business Intelligence (BI) strategies, you could be gaining insight into customer behavior and attitudes, strengthening relationships, driving business value, and increasing sales.

The professionals at August Networks will help you develop and implement BI solutions that are customized to your unique business. Connect with your customers and gain a competitive edge for your business with powerful strategies that harness the potential of your customer data.

Business process management
With our patented business processes and IT expertise, our team is equipped to handle any task. We work with our clients on an individual level to ensure that their companies are structured for success. Through software applications and one-on-one mentoring, we provide our clients with everything they need to be leaders in their industry.

Our scalable, cost-effective solutions ensure that businesses of all sizes can achieve operational excellence through streamlined, responsive processes that deliver continuous improvements and measurable returns.

Cloud technologies
The benefits for businesses working in the cloud are numerous—reduced costs, streamlined operations, instant scalability, accelerated time to market, and more. We help you navigate the complex maze of cloud technologies to build a highly effective infrastructure that delivers these advantages to your business, with an eye toward customization for your unique needs.
Mobile technologies
Mobile is an essential aspect for any business infrastructure today. Through transformative mobile technology, you can change the way you interact with your customers and accelerate business growth. We provide innovative mobile solutions that help you drive internal processes, engage customers, and increase your revenue.
Enterprise resource planning
Are your resources delivering optimal performance for your business? With increasing complexity and rising customer expectations, today’s business environment needs the agility and speed that can only come with streamlined processes.

The expert consultants at August offer uniquely innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that maximize your IT resources, delivering a smooth experience throughout your systems and applications.

Customer relationship Management
August Networks helps your organization become customer-centric with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that make the most of your platforms. Leverage the potential of your data with the ability to identify and manage customer segments, and deploy customer acquisition and retention strategies that foster rapid business growth.
Enterprise Application development & Integration
Leave standard applications behind—take your organization to the next level with custom enterprise application development and integration from the experts at August. We offer a full range of cloud, hybrid, and mobile enterprise solutions that are custom developed for the unique needs of your business, and flawlessly integrated to maintain streamlined processes and maximize efficiency.
Technology Partners
Technology Partners