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Embracing Change

For most of us, our careers dictate large chunks of our lives. Even if we enjoy the work, it’s still work done on someone else’s timetable, in which we have little say. Workplace flexibility is a growing movement to change that, giving us control over our jobs instead of the other way around. It involves adjusting any or all of the three factors at play: when you work, where you work, and how you work.

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New Trends in IT Outsourcing

As the recession and unstable economy continue to affect business practices, significant new trends are emerging in the IT outsourcing world. The size and shape of contracts for outsourcing are becoming smaller and more flexible, while companies are moving—literally—in new directions. Outsourcing is constantly changing and adapting to new technology and business practices; odds are high that today’s trends

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Woman’s Eye and World Globes

Phases of product development

The initial stage of product development is the idea. Sometimes this comes about as a result of a need in the market or a competitor’s offering, but in other cases it is a brainstorm that doesn’t necessarily have an impetus. Ideas for new products must be screened; pursuing each concept without a general idea of their utility or affordability would quickly run a company into the ground.

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