Top 10 Business Processes to Automate

Streamline tasks to simplify work
The most commonly repeated business tasks are usually the most tedious, eating up employee work hours with monotonous repetition. By automating some or all of these processes, you can simplify your business practices, reduce the margin of error, and leverage valuable work hours for more productive activities.
Data backup
Without your data, your business can’t exist. Data backups are vital to success, and automating them ensures that your information and infrastructure will always be protected, without you having to give it a second thought.
One of the most time-consuming tasks for any business is scheduling: setting up and coordinating events, shifting employee timetables for sickness or travel, and ensuring that everything is synchronized. By eliminating the necessity for a human to perform those tasks, you save time and money and reduce the potential for error.
System monitoring
Set up an automatic process to monitor all systems—and in some cases even troubleshoot problems that may arise—so that your business can continue to flow smoothly and you can catch a hiccup before it causes any damage or interrupts the workflow.
Event log monitoring
Just as with system monitoring, an automated event log monitor prevents problems from spiraling into bigger disasters before you are aware. Some business process automation software will also allow you to set up problem solving systems.
Report creation
Reports are an integral part of any business, but their creation and distribution takes time. While employees are needed for the important work of analysis, the tedious function of generating pages of reports is best left to an automated system.
Product testing
New software requires extensive testing, which can be costly when you have to hire employees to run each program. When product testing is an automated process, you can let the tests run themselves while you dedicate your workforce elsewhere.
File services
Regardless of what sector you work in, files need to be sent in safety. Automate file transfers and encryptions for the best in secure transmission, by removing the human factor and enabling your systems to carry out their work without supervision.
Task prioritization
You know what you have to accomplish, so let the logic of your system dictate the who and when. Rather than delegating everything yourself, an automated process can prioritize smarter and faster, helping everyone move efficiently.
Correspondence Tracking
In a multi-level business, memos and emails are constantly flying by. Due to sheer volume, it’s inevitable that some will get lost or slip through the cracks. You can automate much of the correspondence process, from automatic calendar input to computer-generated replies, creating a more consistent and reliable base for your communications.
Application coherency
In order to run automated processes, your company’s various applications must be able to interact in an understandable way. At its core, business process automation blends these together to deliver a more streamlined approach to your overall work.
Automation at your service
When done correctly, business process automation is the silent butler: it makes your life infinitely easier without making its presence known. It’s possible to reduce your stress and complication by passing off the repetitive or complex tasks, so you can focus on growing toward the future.